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The following are comments taken from our Course Evaluation Forms. There are many more, but only the more interesting or creative ones are included here (recent ones on top). The participants comprised adults and students.

The facilitator is intelligent and sharp to immediately point out our weakness and suggest the improvement.
~ Baginda Bakhtiar Affendy

Practical, relevant skills to deliver, persuade, engage audiences to agree and take action.
~ Voon Thau Vui

The trainer has the special ability to detect what is needed individually.
~ Siti Manisah Ngalim

That was quite an experience. I really see how I can improve my presentations.
~ Tran Thi My Hoa

The facilitator is energetic, helpful and shows great interest when delivering the course.
~ Wan Shaqirah Keilina Wan Shah Bany

Relevant to my business and life. I have no other comments, so far everything is perfect.
~ Ummu Nadhrah Azhar

I gained more than what I expected.
~ Jessie Chok

He's good! I may sign up for another training.
~ Nur Amalina Mohd Zaman

To seek perfection is a foolish hope for we all are born with flaws. Therefore, in my humble opinion, there is no need to improve this programme.
~ Kevin Yoong Kah Wai

Very practical, very interesting, very very very good + excellent + amazing teacher and very useful information.
~ Yap Angel

Active encouragement by the trainer.
~ Terry Toh Kah Wai

The facilatator has a very engaging personality.
~ Yong Mei Tsin

He's become my Idol now.
~ Mahaletchumi a/p Tavamany

Azmi is an outstanding facilitator & master of his programme.
~ Ahmad Azwadi Ameruddin

Everything was within my expectations and I felt I had learned a lot giving me no room to suggest an improvement, except maybe to increase the time frame for participants to speak more.
~ Harjit Singh

This is really an intensive course. I learned very fast and mastered the skills that I was looking for. Thank you, ProSkills Trainers! Thank you, Azmi!!
~ Chang Li Cheng

Everything was great for me. I'm satisfied. :)
~ Mariza Adelina

The programme and the facilitator made a huge impact on me!
~ Firdaus Baharuddin

The facilitator was able to support with feedback when appropriate. He started with positive feedback which was encouraging for participants.
~ Lee Ching Ching

God bless you. You gave us discount for this course during the month of Ramadhan. Thanks!
~ Roslina Che Ros

Interesting and mind opening.
~ Omar Mohd Zaini

En. Azmi is a fantastic facilitator who has made me love public speaking because I can now understand it much better.
~ Sandhya a/p Jeevarathnam

Other students should be given the chance to attend this programme too.
~ Rachel Yee

The best event ever held at UPM.
~ Nur Fatihah Noor Musa

The programme helps me to restore my confidence. It is fun and important for my future especially for use during interviews.
~ Cherry Ling Yieng Siang

The programme has interesting and refreshing ideas, which include new methods of teaching. The small number of participants helps a lot since the facilitator gets more personal with us.
~ Luqman Nulhakim Said

Kursus yang baik dan berguna untuk pengurusan tertinggi.
~ Abdul Halem Mat Som

Jurulatih yang tegas tetapi menyeronokkan sehingga dapat menyertai kursus tanpa rasa bosan.
~ Mohd Arif Saring

Penggemblengan modul-modul yang sistematik dan berkesan. Pengendalian yang sangat baik.
~ Hj. Muhamad Darif bin Hj. Idris

Kursus ini amat berfaedah kerana memberi peluang membuat latihan dan pada waktu sama diberi teguran.
~ Hj. Ariff Ibrahim

I'm impressed with the instructor.
~ Hj. Sonari Solor

Well done - interesting & I'm not bored.
~ Helmy Basri

Good job, really helped me out, NO COMPLAINT!!
~ Muhd Aiman Esa

The facilitator is very good and I give a rating of 5.
~ Muhd Shafiq Mohd Nasir

Programme is the very best and I now dare to speak.
~ Mohd Yuzikrie Mahad Ariff

This programme is very good and I think it must be done in this school again next time.
~ Mohd Hafiz Raheman

It is good for students because we became confident quickly.
~ Azroy Fahmy Nordin

Add more facilitators like Mr Azmi.
~ Ahmad Syahman Ahamd Tamrin

The best communication programme I ever attended.
~ Mohd Hifzi Mohd Ali

I like Azmi Shahrin's style, because he loves to laugh.
~ Muhd Harithah Zulkafli

Jurulatih benar-benar inginkan kemantapan pemidato berpidato.
~ Nurmuhammad Ahmad Nordin

Jurulatih tidak memberi tekanan sebaliknya sentiasa memberi galakan dan perangsang.
~ Elliza Mat Nor

The program looks dull but actually it's very interesting due to the facilitator's approach on the subject.
~ Azimah Aziz

Mr. Azmi, you are excellent!! This programme is really helpful for my next speech.
~ Suryati Dato' Mohd Hayani

Master in the field
~ Zulkarnaen Mohd Ali

Thumbs up! You have just inspired us to improve further irrespective of our age.
~ Noor Afidah Latif

The programme is enjoyable and the facilitator is an expert and friendly.
~ Norazizah Abdul Kadir

The facilitator was a very great man and very interesting. The programme was totally enjoyable.
~ Kalina Janggui

It is a good programme to advance our career.
~ Rhyvitha Omendik

Very smart person
~ Norrulazimah Mohd Fadillah

No comment, everything is good.
~ Dara Drahman

One word: Great
~ Chen Yu Szen

The facilitator is a very good person and generous in training me in this course.
~ Lucy Inn Tiles

The facilitator gave us a good feeling. I like the facilitator.
~ Amy Salang

It was a superb delivery by the facilitator. Thank you, you have inspired me to challenge/conquer my fear. :)
~ Noor Afidah Latif

Everything is just very good. The trainer was very helpful and patient & really has the mastery and skills for the programme.
~ Al-Munirah Hj. Anuar

Jurulatih sangat bagus dan profesional.
~ Nabilah Hamzah

Baik dan hebat
~ Nawal 'Aqilah Amir

Saya suka En. Azmi
~Ahmad Hafidzy Haidzir

Jurulatih yang Pro
~ Muhammad Hakeem Ahmad Zan

U R perfect
~ Al-Munirah Hj. Anuar

This programme gave me a lot of improvement. That's great!! Other people must come to this programme.
~ Nor Faezah Hasan

Azmi's command of English is good, and he knows his stuff.
~ Ahmad Danial Md Azman

Azmi is an excellent trainer. He knows my weakness and improved it well.
~ Hafiz Iskandar Rashid

Facilitator is a very nice and marvelous person.
~ Nor Faezah Hasan

Saya amat seronok
~ Zharfan Razali

Terima kasih, Cikgu. Saya doakan Cikgu selamat di dunia dan akhirat. Diharapkan jumpa lagi di program lain atau di mana-mana.
~ Muhammad Saiful Mazelan

Saya berasa puas hati dengan kemajuan komunikasi saya ini. Semoga kemajuan ini dapat dikekalkan serta ditingkatkan hingga ke akhir hayat. Terima kasih, Cikgu.
~ Abdul Rahman Kazim Azli

I learned a lot from this programme to overcome nervousness and am prepared for my coming interview.
~ Ummi Lina Syazwani Mohamed

When I first walked in, I was so afraid. But now I've gained full confidence. Thanks to the facilitator and the sponsor.
~ Zharfan Putra Yazit

The facilitator was energetic throughout the programme.
~ Tamilarasee Balamala

The facilitator is more than good and friendly. The advices are conveyed effectively.
~ Ngo Choon Wei

En. Azmi is the best facilitator for me.
~ Nur Akma Anis Tajuddin

Best! I like!!!
~ Siti Rokiah Mohamad

This is the best programme that I have ever participated in. All done well. I love this course so much.
~ Mohd Marzali Abdul Majid

En. Azmi is cool... really enjoying this programme!
~ Fawwazia Firzah Mohd Salleh

I'm proud of you as a Malay.
~ Nurul 'Aqidah Saifuddin

The programme was GREAT. The facilitator was WONDERFUL.
~ Lau Tian Eu

The facilitator was funny and always kept me laughing. This is the first time I didn't get sleepy in a programme like this.
~ Ahmad Adam Ahmad Mokhtar

The facilitator was so amazing. I'm very thankful for you.
~ Muhammad Abdul Rahman Abu Bucker

This course is really relevant to my future and the facilitator was perfect.
~ Muhammad Hijazi Zulkifli

Flawlessly conducted... Really enjoyed it...
~ Muhamad Syazwani Shamsul Bahri

It was the most interesting and attractive course ever!! The facilitator, who is Mr. Azmi, is the best!!
~ Abdul Luyman Din Abdul Malik

This programme is attractive and has changed me a lot.
~ Mas Ari Amry Abdul Rahman

This course and facilitator are very good. Nothing to complain.
~ Muhammad Lamir Ariff Ahmad Laki

The facilitator totally, absolutely, changed my way of public speaking.
~ Hilmy Hakim Hamzah

Great. Simply great.
~ Faris Mohd Nasir

Here are some unsolicited comments from past participants after their course:

Dear Sandy, I really enjoyed the course, it was really an eye opener. En Azmi did a good job, I have never been this confident before. I would like to know, when will the pronounciation course be held? Please notify me. Hope you and your team will continue to educate our fellow Malaysians.
~ Omar Mohd Zaini (via e-mail)

Hi Sandy, it's my pleasure to learn from Azmi n you. One day, I'll proudly tell the world, I have a great master who taught me public speaking skills. I plan to join MIM Toastmasters club. Nearby my office. And I've just received a promotion. With effect from 1 Dec, my position will be Sales Finance Analyst, doing planning n strtgic bus direction. Meaning I have to do a lot of presentations to local mngt as well as regional mngt. I have no regret 4 learning this skill, the other opportunity just came at the right time.
~ Noor Afidah Latif (via sms)

Hi Azmi, I'm Alex. I'm your course "graduate". I had just successfully delivered my talk in MATRADE main hall yesterday to 300 audiences from small SME owners to MNC coorporate CEOs. I won't say that I'm doing perfect, but at least I didn't have stage sick and delivered with no crutches and in correct voice (at least that is what I believe) :P
Thanks again for your coaching.
~ Alex Cheong Chee Choong (via Facebook)

Hi! Sandy. Just would like to share with you & Azmi on my experience. Ever since I joined the pronunciation class, I feel amused to hear the way people talk even to pronounce a very simple word. At times, my friends will ask me to repeat again the word until at one stage I have to pronounce the word as I used to, before. E.g. Commit - "komit" when it is supposed to be "kemit". Ha ha ha, it's fun, really.
~ Shahida Abu Bakar (via sms)