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Hi, we are ProSkills Trainers. :)

Business Reg.: SA0094985-T (since 29/7/2008)
MOF Reg.: 357-02132472 (since 24/6/2009)
PSMB/HRDF Reg.: Category C, 407 (since 6/7/2011), entitled to offer courses under SBL Scheme

ProSkills Trainers was established in July 2008 as a training provider. We are creating our own niche in the training market through the delivery of highly effective programmes which fulfils our clients' high expectations of return on investment.

To be specific, we provide training in Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, English and other soft skills such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, etc. Most of the time, we expect to serve organizations which require their managers and other employees to exhibit the above skills. Besides this, we also organize public programmes to enable individuals from the public to benefit. Indeed, the ability to speak and persuade is very important. If we are able to communicate clearly and at the same time exude style and confidence, then success comes naturally. ProSkills Trainers is dedicated to turning aspirations into reality through our training programmes. We're able to conduct the programmes in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

The following explains what's unique about ProSkills Trainers (our 4 distinctives).

ProSkills Trainers